SLYO Board Member

Raj Ponniah – Board Member

Raj Ponniah grew up a none traditional Tamil in a somewhat traditional household. Starting out as an Entrepreneur at the age of 19, Raj struck out on his own trying his hand at a variation of industries ranging from legal services to the technology industry. After following his business spirit, Raj recently decided to go back to further his higher level education by following his heart in Psychology.

Born in Colombo Raj left Sri Lanka at the age of 8 during the beginning of the riots. Went directly to California with his family where he joined the rest of the Diaspora. Growing up in San Bernardino county at the time left limited contact to other Sri Lankans. This gave value to having a place where the youth can go to network and embrace their common hurdles of growing up South Asian in a Westernized culture.

Approached by President and Founder Aruni Ganewatte two years ago to take on a role as adviser to S.L.Y.O. Understanding what her goals were for this youth group and the trust and respect that was established over the years, there was no hesitation to jump at the opportunity.