Committee Members – LA Chapter

    • Andrea Karunanayake – President
    • Disni Perera – Vice President
    • Christina Karunanayake – Secretary
    • Sherani Perera – Secretary
    • Suleyma Silva – Project Manager
    • Kanchana Jayanath – Fundraising Director
    • Eshan De Silva – Treasurer
    • Ishani Panditha – Social Media Promoter

Andrea Karunanayake – President

1654490_595976963813989_912345726_oAndrea Karunanayake was born and raised in Sri Lanka, but has also lived in the UK, NY, and now resides in Southern California. Andrea is  currently the main secretary of SLYO. Her goal is to gain SLYO more publicity while she is a part of it and to reach out to its members more often. Andrea is an undergrad Biology major at the University of California, Riverside and is working on getting a Bachelor’s of Science degree. When she is not busy with SLYO or her classes, Andrea likes to enjoy music in any way possible, whether it’s learning a new instrument, listening to music, taking part in cultural events through dance or just singing around the house.






Disni Perera – Vice President


Disni Perera was born and raised in Anaheim, California. She is attending California State University, Fullerton and is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Since Disni has lived in the United States her whole life, she understands the importance of preserving Sri Lankan culture and the dangers of losing that culture. This is why Disni is interested in being a part of  the Sri Lankan Youth Organization. She wants to make sure that the Sri Lankan youth in her community will have a place to share their Sri Lankan culture and keep traditions unique to them alive. Disni enjoys helping out in her community and engages in many community activities. She finds joy in helping the children in her community and works very closely with them in after school programs and summer programs. Disni also enjoys singing and was a part of several choirs both at her high school and at her church.




Christina Karunanayake – Secretary


Christina Karunanayake was born and raised in Sri Lanka, but she has also lived in the UK, NY, and is now living in Southern California. Christina is currently a sophomore in high school and plans on attending a university afterwards, where she plans on majoring in accounting. During her free time, Christina likes to enjoy music by listening to some of her favorite artists. Her favorite genres are mainly pop and hip hop, but she also listens to other types of genres as well. Christina also enjoys dancing.






 Sherani Perera – Secretary


Sherani Perera was born and raised in Anaheim, California. She is currently a senior at Oxford Academy and is planning on attending a four year university afterwards. Sherani would like to be more involved in the Sri Lankan community of Los Angeles and Orange County. Her goal is to bring Sri Lankan youth in her community together so that they get to know one another. Sherani enjoys helping out in her community. She especially enjoys helping the people around her who need the most help, such as the visually impaired citizens in her community. Sherani  works very closely with the blind by volunteering for organizations such as the Braille Institute. When Sherani is not busy with school or volunteering, she enjoys drawing and writing her own stories.



Suleyma Silva – Project Manager









 Kanchana Jayanath – Fundraising Director


Kanchan Jayanadh was born and raised in Sri Lanka and immigrated to the United States two years ago with the hope of receiving a higher quality education. His dream is now a reality and he is currently majoring in Business/Marketing with the anticipation of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Kanchan is 22 years old and is the Fundraising Director for the Sri Lankan Youth Organization, Los Angeles Chapter. He has always been interested in charitable efforts and enjoys promoting kindness. Kanchan knew from the beginning that SLYO was the place for him to start laying the foundation for him to become an effective leader by organizing and being a part of many good endeavors. As a future leader, he is ready to make a difference in communities along with his other young leaders in the SLYO family.




Eshan De Silva – Treasurer








Ishani Panditha – Social Media Promoter

Ishani spent a few years of her life in Sri Lanka before she moved to California with her family. She is currently a third-year biology major at University of California, Riverside pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science degree. Ishani strongly believes in the importance of community especially in a place where Sri Lankans are not well represented. She feels that SLYO will help bring awareness about Sri Lankan youth and culture through the various activities that this organization takes part in. Ishani hopes that this organization can help our youth embrace and accept their culture, and all that it stands for. She strongly feels that the youth is the answer to the problems of tomorrow. If SLYO can help our youth see their potential, then Ishani believes that this organization has done     everything it possibly can. Aside from participating in SLYO, Ishani likes to spend her free time with her niece and nephew and with her friends. She also likes to spend time exploring. She loves seeking out new beaches, cities, and new hiking trails.